Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I was on my way in to town and had stopped at the end of the driveway to pick up yesterday's mail when a beat-up Ford F-150 came over the hill in a cloud of gravel and stopped. It was my neighbor.

"I see you got a new mailbox," he says.

"Well, not new," says I. It was six months old already and I realized I hadn't seen my neighbor since the snowplow clipped the old one off last winter.

"Well anyway," he says, "it's pretty sharp. How much did she cost?

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe forty bucks?

"$ 39.95?

"Yeah, probably $ 39.95. It wasn't one of the really cheap ones, but it wasn't the top-of-the-line mailbox either.

"I know what you mean. You can get some pretty expensive mailboxes these days. I wonder: Who has the most expensive mailbox in the world?

Hmmm. This was something I hadn't thought that much about. "Maybe Bill Gates?" I ventured. "Or maybe the King of Saudi Arabia?

"Saudi Arabia?!" he thundered. "Don't get me started on Saudi Arabia!

I could see he was suddenly quite agitated, so I wasn't about to get him started on Saudi Arabia, but I didn't have to, because he started himself.

"That's where all those hijackers come from! How many of those Iraqi terrorists that flew those planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were from Saudi Arabia? Tell me that!

"Um...I'm not sure...maybe...15?

"Sixteen!" he thundered. "Almost all of 'em! And those Iraqi terrorists that we're fighting now? Those suicide bombers? How many of THEM are Saudi Arabians?

I was ready for him this time. I had just been reading about that. "40%?

"Sixty percent!" he corrected me. "And who's financing those Iraqi terrorists who are 60% from Saudi Arabia?

"Um...the Saudis?

"Exactly! It's the Wahaboobies!

"The Wahaboobies?

"Isn't that what you call 'em? Or is it the Wahaboobists?



"Oh, you mean the Wahabis? Bin Laden's sect?

"That's right. The Wahaboobies. Seems to me it should be Saudi Arabia we're attacking! But what does Bush do? He decides he's gonna sell 'em $ 20 billion dollars worth of guns and hi-tech airplanes so they can what? Attack us again?!

"I don't think the King of Saudi Arabia is a...is a Wahabooby.

"He's not? Well what the hell are we doing supporting a King anyway? That Saddam, he was a King and we got rid of him!

"Actually, I think he was a 'President'. That's what they called him anyway.

"President, huh?" he laughed. "That's just like us. That's what we call our King over here!

I laughed. "There's some who say the election might have been rigged.

"I heard that," he nodded. "Bush & his cronies stole the damn thing.

"Well, I was talking about Saddam.

"And then he walks around Texas holding hands with the King of the Wahaboobies.

I was confused. I hadn't spoken to my neighbor in a while, but...

"I thought you were a Bush man," I said.

"I am NOT a Bush man!" he thundered. "I am an Republican!!

"But you voted for him, didn't you?

"What choice did I have?!

"Well, there was another name or two on the bal...

"That darn Saudi Arabia!" he said. "I think Bill O'Reilly ought to take his show to Saudi Arabia. They got a REAL 'War on Christmas' goin' on over there! In fact, they don't even HAVE Christmas! Well, gotta go! I got cows to feed!

With that and a wave he was off in a cloud of dust in his F-150.

I was left to contemplate my stack of advertising circulars and wonder how expensive it was, that solid gold, diamond-encrusted mailbox of the King of the Wahaboobies.


Aaron A. said...

I too am very worried about Iraqi terrorists from Saudi Arabia that flew planes into the World Trade Center. I also worry about those Germans from Russia that don't partake in Christmas.

I think the single gage of a societies greatness should be measured in plastic toys and sweaters. Saudi should be careful. Look what happened to the Grinch.

Peacechick Mary said...

I'll bet the SS read every last one of your junk mail, too. They are the ones buying up all the special offers before we can get there. Probably shipping the junk over to the Whahoobies or Wallabies -- whatever. I understand Georgie sent the King a letter asking the King to send him the pillow that he dreams on so dahlin' I kin dreamed on it too.

Nvisiblewmn said...

"Wahaboobies." Funny.

I thought the Prez and that Saudi guy looked kind of cute, walking around holding hands.

knicksgrl0917 said...

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Neil Shakespeare said...

oh gosh, that knicksgirl is back again, telling me about that fantastic opportunity for some extra summer cash.

Larry said...

Poor Bush, it seems all his Saudi friends are really enemies.

Even his daddy's friend Bin Laden.

windspike said...

Brilliant post, Neil. bleepin' brilliant.

I'm linking up.

Nava said...

Ah, what I would give for such a self-starting-thundering-mailbox-estimating-non-Bush-Republican neighbor! Such a wealth of blog material!!

Wahaboobies, Eh? I was hoping for a luscious sensuous Photoshopped image of some alluring Wahabis with a pair of, well, y'know - Wahaboobies!

Nvisiblewmn said...

Why are they all going to Cali this weekend? I thought that was last weekend. Is there a spammer convention going on? A spammer revival? What??

a rose is a rose said...

for a cow feedin' repub, your neighbor seems like the type i could have a beverage or two with. in a wacky sort of way that is

(i'm sure people would actually pay cash money to see me and your neighbor chatting over beverages)

at any rate, i'm here in this HUGE building screaming and crying with laughter.

JM said...

Insight, satire, and now boobies! Seems like a blogging trifecta!

Blueberry said...

Sooo... "W" must stand for Wahaboobist. It all makes sense now.

Gotta go feed my pet goat.

Nvisiblewmn said...

knicksgrl is cheating on you.

sumo said...

Hey...at least your neighbor is sort of entertaining in an odd way. Don't you love it when they think they are so informed?

Coffee Messiah said...

Hi - larry - us! ; )

Next floor please...........

Anon-Paranoid said...

What we need is too see how big a mail box Der Fuhrer {Adolph} Bush has.

Maybe we could get 1 million bloggers to send him and the Dark Lord a postcard telling them to go get fucked.

Now that's an idea I really like and we would know just how big his mail box is. That is after were all arrested.

Oh, by the way maybe knickgirl sells her ass on the side for extra money and that's how she made so much over the summer.

God Bless.

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